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annabeth's cousin

From unknown source book Blood of Olympus, the Heroes of Olympus series.

think of the ways

[not!mash-up CHAOS]Gen - Clint and Natasha always know how they would kill someone

More like 'inspired by' than mash-up.

Clint and Natasha always have a plan for how they would take someone down, at any given moment, using whatever is around.

Like the scene from the series CHAOS that's at the end of this vid (I tried to find a stand alone clip and couldn't):


Can be pairings, too, if you like. Just not with each other.

"Think of the ways"
Natasha - (Fury & Stark)


hide and seek

Prince of Persia, kid!Dastan & kid!Bis, When Dastan reappears and says he's been made a prince, Bis isn't entirely sure what he's supposed to think.

(for mariana_oconnor)

Dastan told Bis to stay here, and stay Bis does. Even as he hears Dastan scream, The cry of the guard: "In the King's name!" - and then the eerie hush falls over the market like a shadow.

He trembles in fear for his only friend, and is ashamed he is not as bold or as brave as Dastan. Who literally has risked his limbs for Bis.

He imagines Dastan returning, bleeding and beaten. He cries himself to sleep, because Dastan told him to stay - and Bis has to stay put; what if Dastan comes looking for him - and he isn't here? Dastan will have lost Bis, but Bis will be lost without Dastan.

He promises to stay put, only until dusk - Dastan has never spent as long as a night away from Bis so long as they have been pick-pocket partners. It feels like the longest wait of Bis's young life, and he tries to remember when he first met Dastan.

What comes easier to him are bu legends and lore of gods.

There are stories Bis remembers...someone...telling him, if that someone was his mom, or his dad, or someone that loved him, he doesn't know.

He remembers the stories though, of gods, one the dark god of the Underworld, and the other a spring bringing goddess whose mother causes crops to grow in summer, and wilts them with her weeping in winter.

Dastan is like that spring goddess, stolen from Bis. But bis will not spend the night weeping, he'll go seeking in the shadows - there are no streets that can hide secrets from Bis. Dastan will come to him, or Bis will go to him. In this there is no other truth.

Bis hears a familiar hiss, and a hand slips over his lips. He opens his eyes to see Dastan, with a finger pressed to his mouth. Bis nods, not surprised to find Dastan had caught him napping in the noon sun unaware.

"Where have you been?" Bis whispers, eyes flinching to each of Dastan's hands to reassure himself that his friend has them. He is whole and healthy as he was this morning - but there is a change, and it is one Bis can not ignore, so obvious it is. Dastan is cleaned of the dirt he'd worn as a second skin only this morning, and his clothes are fine and fancy thing.

"To the palace." Dastan answers softly, eyes flinching from shadow to shadow as if he is afraid. Bis has never known Dastan to be so wary of streets and shadows.

"Doing what?" Bis hisses, and hopes he is wrong in that Dastan did not steal from the palace. They will take back more than a limb to make Dastan pay for his street thieving.

"I...I was taken in, by the king - King Sharaman, he has made me his son, a prince of Persia." Dastan stares into Bis's eyes, unflinching. Bis has never known Dastan to lie (it's bad enough to steal)- and never to lie to him.

Bis does not hesitate to believe Dastan; he is telling the truth as he knows it. Only...has King Sharaman really done what Dastan thinks, or is it a cruel trick that will end with Dastan being something less then a slave. Bis has heard stories of such things, not of King Sharaman, but of kings and queens of far away places. Their king is great, at least everyone says so - but as Bis well knows, merchants may praise the sun for the sake of growing things, but seek the shade. There is a darkness to everything.

Dastan knows this too, for he has lived side by side with Bis on these streets with secrets.

"Were you followed from the palace." Bis asks, realizing that is what Dastan looks so uneasy about. Dastan breaths out, sighing with relief that Bis believes what he says - if not why. Dastan does not know the why of it either. It is a puzzle he hopes Bis will help him with.

"I don't think so, they weren't expecting me to sneak away. They wanted me to stay." Bis realizes that as hard as it was for him to wait for Dastan - it was as hard for Dastan to get away, and not be sure he had Bis to get back to. Bis embraces him, unmindful of his skin and clothes caked with dirt and dust.

"I will always be here for you." Bis promises recklessly, and is glad when Dastan grins so honestly. Fine clothes do not disguise him from Bis, who sees Dastan as he always has been - a great friend.

"I knew it, Bis, I came back for you didn't I?" Dastan tugs on his hand and Bis takes a few steps with him before stopping, realizing what Dastan has meant.

"You want me to go to the palace with you?" Bis frowns down at his bare feet, so uneasy he feels sick with it.

"Where else? If they want me, they will have to take you too." The world doesn't work the way Dastan sees it as, Bis knows. Yet Dastan is the most stubborn person Bis knows.

"Will they?" Bis asks softly, and for the first time Dastan frowns.

"They will have to, if it's what I want, King Sharaman made me a prince, if I can not have you, there is then no proof to that claim." It's simple the way Dastan explains it. Still, Bis does not like it.

"Will you come with me?" Dastan pleads, and Bis finds himself nodding. He will follow wherever Dastan leads.

"A prince." Bis says when he gets his first look at the palace where he and Dastan will learn to call home. At the sight of it, he believe in everything Dastan is and will be with his whole heart and can not explain it. He only knows he will be right where he is now, beside Dastan.

"And don't you forget it!" Dastan teases, ruffing the other orphan urchin's hair. Like the royal palace of Nasaf and the city slums, they are a pair that can not now - nor ever be parted. They have only to keep each other out of trouble (which is by far easier said than done).

Together they sneak into Dastan's palace chambers - the rooms; as there is a bathing room with knobs for running water and bubbles and strange smelling scents, a play room full of toys, a training room with sticks and staffs and pads, the entertaining room with pillows and stools and small tables, and of course the bedroom.

Five rooms all for Dastan to call his own, he doesn't, he calls them theirs.

The bed is more then big enough to share. Whatever happens, they are both reassured that they will be together to see it.

Prince of Persia, Dastan & Bis vs. guards

Prince of Persia, Dastan & Bis vs. guards

catch me if you can

Long after there is any reason for them to do it, not for survival, not for the challenge, nor for revenge; there is this, that Dastan wakes with cold sweats and shivers, and tells no one why. Bis alone keeps silent vigil on these nights, which seem darker and and the glitter of stars seem like demon eyes.

On those nights, Dastan will cradle his hand and marvel at it, as if he dares not believe what his eyes tell him.

"It's real, it's real, it's alright." Bis will croon until dawn marks a new day.

A thief, once caught, will trade blood and bone and flesh for what they do not own; it matters not at all if it is fruit or something fine and fancy. Dastan and Bis raised themselves on the streets, to the laws of them. A part of Dastan will always see palace walls as a prison, a part of him will whisper that these people will tear him apart, cut him limb from limb - for he will never be good enough, nor great or noble enough for the likes of these things he has stolen.

He stole himself a life, not a good life - a great life; and the debt of it weighs upon him heavily. It is something King Sharaman will never understand, that Dastan sees his life as stolen, not as a gift to be given.

The old rules, Bis knows, do not apply to this stolen gift of a second life. Dastan only needs reminding.

Dastan looks to the dawn for a long while, and Bis knows he is weighing and measuring all the deeds done; and finding them wanting. He will always find them wanting, no matter what he has done, for as King Sharaman knows, he is a great man for all his poor birth.

"I do think they grow fat and lazy, my Prince." Bis knows if he lets Dastan, he will scale the hours of the day away. He pretends instead that he sees the balcony that is within Dastan's sight, and the guard, slumped and sleeping.

Dastan's lips curl into something not quite a smile.

"What have you in mind?" Dastan lives up to his name meaning, and that is trickster.

"A kidnapping...?" Bis muses solemn faced. Dastan nods eagerly.

"My own or one of my unfortunate brothers?" Bis tilts his head, doing his own inner balancing.

"Why, I could steal away all three Princes of Persia with such poor guards as that one..." Dastan is smiling now, and Bis can not help but smile back.

"All three!" Dastan sighs and shakes his head, but he takes Bis's offered hand. His Prince will always follow him willingly, Bis knows as he leads him though shadows and stone passageways and a maze of garden green.

"Whatever are you going to do now?" Dastan asks, yawning and stretching under the morning sun. His skin glistens golden with it, and Bis allows himself a moment to admire it.

"Reinforcements, but of course." Bis whistles, and while Dastan has learned fine and courtly things - Bis has not, would not. Street urchin and outcasts pour out to stand side by side with Bis, soldiers looking sinister and striking. Well they should, being Dastan's own guard, Bis's secret defense against the guards that shield nobles from reality until it is far too late. Dastan raises his brows at this uneasy sight, but does not question Bis, his loyalty unwavering.

Bis makes a gesture, and the crowd of them huddle around Dastan making it impossible to escape, for he is thick in the middle of misfits and mercenary. They lead him along until they come across a market square - and then Dastan makes a attempt to escape, as any kidnapped captive would.

They run to and fro about and above the market until someone recognizes Dastan...

"Prince Dastan - they are after a prince of Persia!"

And then they catch him like a lost lamb and shepherd him into side streets and shadows. Dastan's eyes meet Bis's own, and they glisten with the rush of a hunt.

Bis keeps Dastan company, sending his gang back to palace: they are to await for word to reach the royal family (as it would not be sporting or fair if they were not aware and wary) and then take Garsiv before he surrounds himself with the Army, and take Tus in the confusion of his younger brothers being stolen away.

Garsiv doesn't like being gagged and likes being blindfolded less; so when he arrives tied to a ass; Bis lets Dastan greet his brother as is proper.

Garsiv is freed while struggling and swinging, until he has Dastan's throat under his hand, and the blindfold in the other. To give him credit, Garsiv lets go as if Dastan's skin scorches him.

"Dastan! What matter of meeting is this?" Suspicion is so thick in Garsiv's tone, Bis is surprised he did not drown in it on the way here.

"A, uh," Dastan looks to Bis and frowns, "circumstance of celebration." Garsiv is not convinced so Bis steps in hastily.

"A kidnapping, of sorts, to get away from the gilt and gift of palace and princes." Garsiv sighs, for he knows now that neither he nor his brother are in any danger.

"Father will be worried sick." Garsiv warns against this before giving in and drinking the wine which Dastan offers.

"We will send him a guard, gift-wrapped." Bis trades glances with one of his men in the shadows, and with a nod he knows that order will be followed out. It isn't a bad idea, even if Dastan meant it jokingly. Bis isn't one to let a good idea go to waste.

"What of my soldiers?" Garsiv glances to Bis, who shrugs.

"Oh, they are being kept busy enough, won't even miss you until your returned." In fact, as some of his own riffraff had spread the word among their comrades in the Army, the Princes were not-so-secretly but secretly taking a day away, and did not want to be found; so would not be looked for very closely.

Strange things were the norm when the brother princes took to holiday.

Tus arrived promptly at noon, weaponless and tied to his stallion, which faithfully (and hopefully) trotted behind a herd of mares; his scowl a secret knowing smirk.

"In on it?" Dastan asks, with a look to Bis.

"My dear Dastan, the Crown Prince of Persia knows his brother better then you think. You would never get caught in a market unless you meant to be." Tus is untied and let loose from his horse, and they feast until dusk.

"So what of the score to be settled?" Dastan asks of Bis as they slip back into his rooms (Tus and Garsiv had gone to dine with King Sharaman as if nothing had ever been amiss).

"Well, of course, we win. The guards never even guessed to get close." Bis doesn't mind bragging when it is deserved.

"Oh?" Dastan muses, and when Bis looks to see why he had taken a odd tone, they see guards toasting their return - having had a holiday of their own in Dastan's now very cluttered and crowded rooms.

"You realize your cleaning this up Bis?" Dastan's tone isn't to be argued against, so Bis only sighs agreement.

The guards, evidently feeling their point had been made (and seeing to it Bis was properly punished for his part) leave very jolly indeed. Maybe, Bis thinks, they are not so stupid as being fat and lazy may otherwise imply.